Real estate professionals

A perfect tenant?

Many real estate professionals (landlords, landlords, property owners or property managers) in charge of rental properties are frequently confronted with the unwillingness of certain tenants who do not hesitate to leave their homes by leaving large amounts of rental arrears remaining the responsibility of the owners.

To deal with these painful situations, Cabinet Sanier proposes to its clients to help them to locate these “unscrupulous” tenants in order to be able to serve the proceedings against them, or simply to find an amicable solution in case of good faith. In the case of judicial proceedings, the study of the solvency of the unwilling debtors is essential to ensure the possibility of recovering the payable amount.

In this context, Cabinet Sanier also proposes the “upstream” validation of the information presented by future tenants so as to avoid unpleasant surprises once the lease is signed.

Law 48 and blackmail of the proceedings

The Cabinet Sanier is also able to accompany these professionals in the verification of compliance with the leases related to the Law 1948 (Law No. 48-1360 of 1 September 1948 about modification and codification of the Law on the reports of lessors and tenants or occupants of living quarters or professional use and introducing housing allowances).

As for real estate developers who are often exposed to the actions of swindlers who improperly block their building permits in order to put pressure on them by exercising a form of blackmail, they are assisted by Cabinet Sanier, who carries out the necessary investigations for uncovering of these abusive procedures and their actions in justice.