Debtor searches

« No longer resides at the address »

Each year, in France, it is estimated that more than 200 million the number of folds returned to their shippers with the mention “No longer resides at the indicated address”. For businesses, this represents a loss of more than 200 million Euros per year (i.e. 1 euro per return).

The civil investigation activity, the exclusive purpose of which is the search for a debtor, consists in implementing, for the benefit of third parties and within the framework of a specific request, all the means of investigation intended to reveal the elements relating to contact details, solvency and / or assets of a natural or legal person.

« Left without leaving any address »

As a privileged partner of major French banks and debt management companies, Cabinet Sanier offers you a range of products adapted to the profile of your debts, from the simplest search, favouring a friendly settlement, to the most elaborated requiring a settlement by judicial execution.

Specialized in the search for coordinates allowing the addressing of the mail to its exact addressee, the investigators of Cabinet Sanier are trained in the legal techniques of collecting debts and the search for addresses.