Due-diligence of integrity

« In order to avoid jeopardizing, an obligation of vigilance is required »

In addition to purely accounting audits, mostly carried out rightly by specialized firms and making it possible to put into perspective the consistency of the accounting figures or the financial results announced by your interlocutors with the reality, certain operations call for more in-depth investigations on the verification of the identity of the future partner, its image, its networks and its activities.

These “preliminary” audits must not be satisfied with a simple financial audit, but must also make it possible to learn about the business environment of the future partner, its image (and any impact on your own business), as well as to guard against any public litigation likely to permanently damage your reputation. It is about protecting and securing your business and its assets.

« Information to control risks »

In order to better understand the real opportunities of these partnerships or acquisitions, while anticipating possible threats, the Cabinet Sanier studies for you the capitalist environment (lenders, beneficial owners, …) or managerial (directors) of your potential partner’s activities, networks and reputation.

As the risk may also be intrinsic to your company, it is also essential to make certain checks as to the career path of your most exposed employees and their vulnerability. In this regard, Cabinet Sanier is also able to meet your needs (see our dedicated page: Pre-hire).