Private Investigations

Action area

In order to provide the necessary evidence to resolve disputes essentially under civil or commercial law, Cabinet Sanier assists its clients in many area and intervenes without distinction at national and international level in the framework of:

  1. Unfair competition: Providing evidence to reveal wrongdoing and maneuvers contrary to loyalty…
  2. Failure to comply with a non-compete clause: Proof of non-compliance with this clause…
  3. Intellectual property: Demonstration of infringement of an intellectual property right, trademark investigation…
  4. Misappropriation of customers or employees;
  5. Debtor research and solvency analysis.

A guaranteed commitment

The evidences obtained by the Cabinet Sanier are collected in the strict framework and compliance with French law and, as the case may be, the reports drafted by the Cabinet Sanier can be produced in court.

In addition to the civil and / or commercial law framework, the Cabinet Sanier is frequently involved in criminal counter-investigations.

However, for obvious reasons related to the voluminous jurisprudence regularly unfavourable to the employer and in order not to unnecessarily harm the eventual success of the file, Cabinet Sanier almost never intervenes in litigation related to French labour law (judged by the French Employment Tribunal) or to the social law, except for advice and guidance of the file.