Securing of the Company’s activities

Securing your business

In order to mitigate the Company’s possible “endangerment”, Cabinet Sanier provides advice and support to its clients, and intervenes in the following areas:

  • Internal fraud: detection and treatment of internal fraud…
  • Unknown brand: identification of sources of shrink…
  • Compliance with legal obligations:
    • KYC: Combating money laundering and terrorist financing (4th European Directive);
    • Fight against corruption (Law Sapin II);
  • Fight against absenteeism and illegal work.

Anticipating Threats

  • Decision Support:
    • Due-diligences of integrity: Research of information valorising an internal decision-making (redemption, merger, sale, partnership, subcontracting…);
    • Study of the solvency of a company and / or an individual: analysis and assessment of financial surface, identification of assets, financial analysis and diagnosis…
    • Verification of career path and pre-employment: Verification and validation of information contained in a CV (schooling, diplomas, training, jobs held) and confirmation of professional career…
  • Audit quality of service:
    • Verification or monitoring of compliance with company processes (franchisees)
  • Technological security:
    • Security audit;
    • Detection and prevention of illegal tapping;
    • IT security;
    • Vulnerability testing…