Economic and financial intelligence

« Anticipating risks »

Simple contracts, shareholdings, mergers or acquisitions, all these actions involve economic, financial, legal or reputational risks that must be anticipated and controlled.

Indeed, better know its interlocutors (customers, suppliers, potential partners…) is essential in order to better understand them or to appreciate their reliability and effectiveness. It is therefore essential that this approach be initiated before any negotiation or decision-making.

Help with the decision

To meet this need, Cabinet Sanier has a business information department specially dedicated to this activity. The investigations carried out by this department are aimed at identifying, collecting, verifying and validating information that will help you to base your decision making with full knowledge of the facts. To this end, Cabinet Sanier operates ideally upstream of any transaction and / or partnership process.

Articulated around two competence clusters, Due-diligence of Integrity and Customer Knowledge Process (KYC), this department provides analyzes to know or select your partners in full knowledge of the facts on the basis of factual information carefully checked.