Pre-employment and background check

« Employers have a duty of vigilance »

Managers, HRMs , Head of Service or recruiter, the good functioning of your company is capital. Before hiring, you must ensure the integrity and reliability of your future employees. An error in recruitment can lead to a loss of customers but above all a degradation of the image of your company.

According to the French Civil Code (articles 1116 and 1117), a contract of employment may be the subject of an action for annulment if one of the parties has committed a fraudulent act without which the contract would not have been signed but the fact to disclose false information is not considered a fraud, as long as the company is able to perform pre-employment checks. Since 1992, the law even stipulates that the employer has not only the right, but also the duty to inform himself / herself about the professional career of the candidate (French Law n ° 92-1446 of 31 December 1992 about employment).

« An ideal candidate? »

Faced with the proliferation of deceptive, arranged or falsified curriculum vitae, companies, too often disadvantaged by the jurisprudence, must be vigilant. Indeed, they have every interest to be attentive because, in case of litigation, the advantage is very often given to the employees. However, a recruitment error is not always detectable during the trial period. HRMs or recruitment agency, verifying the veracity of the information provided, will ensure that you make the right choice knowingly.

The investigations carried out by the Sanier Cabinet will allow you to circumvent potential pitfalls while avoiding a painful, costly and uncertain contract breach or an unfortunate decision-making.

With its experience, Cabinet Sanier assists you in your vigilance and brings you the necessary information to preserve the integrity of your company.